Classroom a Temple

Classroom a Temple, School a Place of Pilgrimage
Where All Religions Meet…

p1-1For our guidance and welfare, God sends His Divine Educators from time to time who bring God’s message to us through their Sacred and Holy Books. It is imperative that we educate our children to both deeply study and understand the teachings that are enshrined in these Holy Books and follow them. This will ensure that our children will become Total Quality Persons (TQP) and in turn Total Quality Managers (TQM) capable of providing Total Quality Management. A Total Quality Manager can be a good head of a family, a good manager of a factory or a business, a good administrator, and a good leader of the world. CMS Education for Protection and Security thus prepares a child for decision-making, global careers, global professions and global leadership, capable of making decisions for the welfare of humanity.

There is no temple or place of pilgrimage in the world other than the school which can establish divine civilization on Earth.

There is no such temple or place of pilgrimage in the world other than the school where we can witness purity of heart of an innocent child. Children are truly God-like, full of purity, kindness and radiance. Teachers are the priests in the classrooms which are the temples of learning. Teachers can help in the establishment of Divine Civilization on Earth.

In a school we can witness the purity and innocence in little children, just like that found in the manifestations of God.

p1-2We teachers are the fortunate ones on earth who experience the daily joys of witnessing in our classrooms the true purity of heart in children like that of the Manifestations of God (Avtars). Truly, the classroom is a temple of learning and school the holiest shrine on earth.

Every child is born with spiritual qualities.

Before sending a child on earth, the Lord fills his heart with (a) purity (b) kindness and (c) radiance while he is still in his mother’s womb. He is totally innocent and God-like and is the inheritor of the infinite kingdom of God.
True education is that which instils divine character and teachings of God in children.
Among the greatest of all the great services which a man can possibly render to Almighty God is (a) giving children a balanced education of all the three realities of life, that is, Material, Human and Divine, (b) building their character, and (c) inculcating in their tender hearts the love of  God.

Man is a Material, Human and Divine being.

Since God has created this universe and human beings on earth, he has created man with three realities of life that is (1) Material (2) Human and (3) Divine, to make him a balanced human being.
The sole aim of education is to make the child a balanced human being and a responsible World Citizen.
Therefore, the goal of education is to develop the child as a balanced human being and a responsible world citizen by imparting a balanced education of all the three realities of life that is (1) Material, (2) Human and (3) Divine.

Man is a material being.

p1-3Material Education For earning his livelihood and creating a progressive society, every child must get material education of the highest quality. It is through material education that a child is able to get good employment and manage nicely his basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Therefore, first of all a child must be imparted material education, that is, the knowledge of various subjects like mathematics, science, English, etc.

Man is a human and social being.

Human Education Because man is also a social and human being, therefore, from early childhood he must be imparted human education in schools so that he can become conscientious towards making a beautiful and harmonious family and society. When all the people in a family and society live and work in close cooperation and harmony, then a feeling of love, tolerance and mutual trust is created because they begin to think in terms of welfare of the others and all make progress in life.

Man is a spiritual being.

Divine Education Divine education determines the course of a man’s whole life. Material education can make an individual a doctor, an engineer, an IAS or a politician, for example, but in the absence of divine or spiritual education, he cannot become a good human being, even through the Almighty Lord has sent man on this Earth as a pure, kind and a radiant soul. However,(1) the family, (2) school and (3) society, instead of nurturing these divine qualities, fill in them their own prejudices,  weaknesses and failings. In ignorance, they become useless for the family and society. Therefore, if these divine qualities are not properly nurtured in them, a child cannot develop as a balanced human being. He will become a problem for himself, his family and society in general. So it is of utmost importance to teach our children the spiritual teachings of all the religions and connect them to God from the earliest.

Let man not become a Satan but remain God-like.

p1-4God has made man in his own image. To help him remain spiritual and not turn into a satan, God has established arrangements such as family and society. To ensure man becomes saintly, God has sent his own incarnations such as Abraham, Moses, Ram, Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Guru Nanak and Baha’u'llah and others carrying His Holy Books to this earth according to the needs and the exigencies of each time.

In every age God sends his manifestations.

All the revealed books of God are unerring collected wisdom. They are sent by God as required from age to age to open the mental locks of mankind and to cure the maladies of each age.

All the manifestations of God impart knowledge of God and give it to us according to the needs of each time.

It is only by following the divine teachings revealed by God from time to time in the HOLY BOOKS that human beings can make their lives happy, successful, prosperous and pleasant.

May our work, behaviour and decisions be spiritual.All our decisions and efforts in material and human world must have one aim, that is, spiritual development. All our decisions, judgements and actions must be spiritually oriented. Therefore, it becomes the social responsibility of a modern school to impart a balanced education of all the three realities of life, that is, material, human and divine, to ensure that he becomes a balanced, happy, successful and responsible member of society.

A Modern School has social responsibilities.

p1-5It is the social responsibility of an enlightened modern school to create an ideal, healthy, happy and prosperous society, and as a lighthouse of society, impart from early childhood (i) meaningful and balanced education of material, human and divine knowledge, (ii) share that the real purpose of religion is to bring about unity, and (iii) help children understand the basic principles of law and justice and inspire them to become both just and law abiding citizens.

It is man’s religion or duty to work for the welfare of entire humanity.

Meaningful education is that which along with material and human education also teaches the real meaning of spirituality and religion. In the Bhagvad Gita, Arjun asks Lord Krishna to explain to him the meaning of true religion (Dharma). He asks Krishna, “What is your religion (Dharma), Lord? And what is my religion (Dharma)?” Lord Krishna replies. “My religion (Dharma) is the welfare of entire creation and the welfare of all human beings. He goes on to say “Arjun, you are my beloved ‘Atma-Putra’ (Son of my Soul). Therefore, your religion or duty is also, like mine, the welfare of entire humanity.”

Children must be imparted knowledge of the basic  principles of law and justice right from early childhood.

p1-6Teach your children the basic principles of law and justice and the necessity to abide by them right from their childhood. This will help establish a divine civilization on the earth, so that the rapidly increasing lawlessness, crime, brutality and heartlessness can be stopped and a new divine civilization may be established on Earth.

School is a building with four walls with tomorrow inside and the destiny of man and mankind is shaped in the classroom.

Every child has three sources of empowerment or three schools. These are (a) his home (b) his formal school and (c) his society, where the future of a child is determined. The destiny of a man and mankind is shaped in these three classrooms: the (a) home (b) school and (c) society.

The destiny of man is shaped in the classrooms which are temples of learning in the schools that are places of pilgrimage.

If the school, which may be likened to a place of pilgrimage, imparts a balanced education comprising of (1) material (2) human and (3) divine education, then the school atmosphere would naturally become serene and sublime. This will fill a child’s mind and heart with divine aspirations.

In childhood, a child’s mind is totally innocent, pure and highly receptive.

p1-7When a child enters school at an early age, he has no evil thinking, but is full of (a) purity of heart (b) kindness and divinity. He is perfectly pure and innocent and his soul is pure and godly. At this stage, he can be inspired more easily to become a great human being.

Lives of great men become an example for the whole world.

Great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Dr Ambedkar, Dr Radhakrishnan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, and others have set unique examples of doing great service to society in their lives. Motivate your students to prepare themselves to do great service to society in their lives.

Teachings of great people inspire greatness in children.

Noble personalities like Mother Teresa, Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela, Isaac Newton, Aryabhatt, James Watt, Vinoba Bhave, and others have made an astounding contribution in the building of a modern and conscientious society. The great efforts of these teachers can be a source of inspiration. Their example helps develop the qualities of success in every child. Let us motivate our students to prepare themselves for even greater service to global society. 

Meaningless education is responsible for lack of direction in a child’s life.

p1-8Today, meaningless education has led to these four ills: (1) It has severed the child’s relation with God, (2) it has filled his mind with darkness of ignorance, and (3) it has confused the child and deviated him from the right path due to which (4) he is not able to discriminate between right and wrong.

Meaningless education is the cause of conflict within a man.

(4) The continuous inner struggle within a man’s conscience created by a meaningless education has also become the source of his greatest conflict. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a modern and socially aware school to provide the children with a meaningful education that is capable of ridding the society of these four social ills, that is (i) Godlessness (ii) Ignorance (iii) Confusion and (iv) Conflict so that in time, this can help establish a healthy and wholesome society.

Every child of the world must be imparted knowledge of and be connected to the basic teachings of each religion.

To make every child a Total Quality Person (TQP), it is necessary to connect him to the basic teachings of all the Manifestations of God (Avatars) sent by God from age to age. Today, it is necessary to educate children in the ideals of Righteousness of Ram, Justice of Krishna, Enlightened Wisdom of Equality of Buddha, Compassion of Christ, Brotherhood of Mohammad and Unity of Hearts of Baha’u'llah, in order to make them Total Quality Persons.

The thread of international law can alone tie the world in unity and help establish a global family.

p1-9Let us forget all our differences and disputes and join hands to realize the dream of global unity. There is an urgent need to make today’s modern school a vehicle of social change and educate the children to have faith in it. We believe that the world can be saved from terrorism, conflicts and wars by means of an enforceable international law equally applicable on all the countries of the world. This will for sure tie the world into one single global family.

Time has come to shape a better future for the children through the pilgrimage of school and the temple of classroom

To bring happiness and prosperity to the family and society, as also to the whole of mankind, let us go to school and not let any obstacles stop us. Let us resolve to re-shape a better future for the world’s children, through the temple of a classroom and the pilgrimage of the school.

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